Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."

Matthew 19:14

First UMC preschool provides a safe, affordable, and developmentally appropriate childcare environment for preschool children.
Our awesome teachers offer fun and engaging educational experiences that promote your child's social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual development.

All our classrooms are designed to provide educational experiences that target the age and stage of your child’s development. The learning opportunities for young children are endless. Fundamentals of learning are incorporated into all lessons. These basics include fine and gross motor movement, cognitive development, social, emotional, and language skills.

We are a fully accredited preschool and childcare center that's been educating children since 1972 (L#C18BR0110).  We are open Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. year-round.  Unlike other childcare programs in Cocoa Beach, we accept children ages 6-weeks-old to 4-years-old. We also offer a VPK program.

What About Safety?

At First UMC Preschool, your child's safety and welfare is our number one concern.  All teachers undergo a stringent screening process with background checks. They are also trained and held accountable to the "Child and Youth Protection Policy" mandated by the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.  We also make sure that all classrooms are secure with check-in and check-out procedures, and our campus is monitored by video cameras. Finally, our staff is sensitive to the unique needs of our families, is committed to confidentiality, and is always available to discuss questions, concerns, or special needs.

Learning Programs by Age

INFANTS (6 WEEKS-12 MONTHS) : We provide infants with individual attention and love, fostering and encouraging their development. Various experiences are designed to promote gross motor abilities while producing a stimulating environment which helps formulate trusting relationships. We provide materials that encourage infants to use all of their senses: rattles, unbreakable mirrors, squeeze toys, texture balls, fill and dump toys, simple rhythm instruments, books, and simple puzzles.
TODDLERS (12 MONTHS – 2 YEARS):  Around the age of one, your child is becoming increasingly mobile. This is a thrill and a challenge for both you and your child. We provide a stimulating environment where your toddler can begin to roam and explore their new mobility safely. Age-appropriate materials are readily available for your child to discover shapes, colors and patterns. We provide both fine motor and gross motor activities to encourage your child’s development. Two-year-old kids are becoming better at communicating their thoughts through gestures as well as verbally. Our teachers encourage your child's language development through songs, stories, and other fun hands-on learning activities.
PRESCHOOL(3-4 YEARS OLD):  Preschoolers enjoy a wide variety of self-exploration with manipulatives that enhance fine and gross motor functions. Music and movement are also incorporated into their weekly activities. As they continue to grow more independent, teachers provide learning opportunities that encourage emotional/social development, academic skills, and self-discovery. Monthly curriculum calendars are designed to include character development, community helpers, colors, math concepts and letter recognition. Weekly activity plans are designed to promote literacy, emotional/social skills, pre-math readiness, writing, nature & discovery exploration, music and movement, and gross motor skills. Teachers encourage conflict resolution within the classroom by teaching our children the skills to communicate verbally to have their needs met. We also use positive reinforcement and redirection as tools in classroom management.
First UMC offers a free and fully accredited VPK program. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Education Program (VPK) is a free educational program created by the Florida Department of Education to prepare every four-year old in Florida for kindergarten and to build a foundation for their educational success.  The VPK Program offers each child an opportunity to perform better in school and throughout life by offering quality programs that include developmentally appropriate curriculum with a focus on early literacy skills.  The First UMC accredited VPK program focuses on the 5 areas of development adopted by the "Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four-Year-Olds":

  1.  Physical Development
2. Approaches to Learning
3. Social & Emotional Development
4. Language, Communication and Emergent Literacy
5. Cognitive Development

How to apply for VPK:  If you would like to register your child for the VPK Program, please call the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) at 321-637-1800 to make an appointment.
At the time of your appointment, you will need the following documents:

  1. Completed VPK application
  2. Your child's birth certificate 
  3. Proof of residence, such as your driver's license and/or utility bill. You must demonstrate a physical address, not a P.O. Box.

After completing the application, providing required documentation, and meeting with a VPK representative, you will be issued a Certificate of Eligibility. This can be used to enroll your child at a local site. For more information:

Meet Our Director: Shelly Deliz

Shelly Deliz is a native of Oswego, New York but has lived on the Space Coast for 20 years. She has over 15 years of experience educating and sharing her Christian faith with preschoolers and their families. Shelly is married to Michael, a geologist at NASA, and has two adult children, Michael Jr. and Gabrielle.

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Phone Number: 321-784-8881

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