Flexibility In Faith: How We Are Sometimes Wrong and Need To Change Our Minds

Aug 6, 2023    Pastor Mark Reynolds

Sometimes we hold our religious and moral beliefs so tightly that we cannot imagine the possibility of being wrong. When someone questions these beliefs, we feel compelled to defend them and confuse strength of conviction with dogmatic inflexibility. This stunts our spiritual growth, makes us more judgmental, and damages important relationships. In this message, Pastor Mark gives numerous examples in the New Testament and early church where followers of Jesus could not see the truth because of what they thought they already knew. What is required to get unstuck is humility, which builds a new kind of strength that is gracious, tolerant, responsive, gentle, loving, openminded, and flexible. Empowered in this way, we can consider the possibility that we may be wrong, and when we are admit the mistake and move in a different direction. Like the blind man in Luke 18:35-42, pray, "Lord I want to see!"

Recommended Reading: Peter Enns, "The Sin of Certainty: Why God Desires Our Trust More Than Our 'Correct' Beliefs."