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Children are our future... make an impact! 


Although we encourage everyone to serve wherever they feel led, our ENGAGE ministries focus on helping children through Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School and the First United Methodist Church Childcare Center.  

The staff at Roosevelt Elementary welcomes members of our church to volunteer in many different ways, and it's not necessary to have a student attending the school to get involved.  Schools function best with the full support of the community, and this is great way to serve children and make new friends. Volunteers are needed on a long-term and short-term basis.  Whether you can give one day a month or several days a week, there is a place for you to serve.


 "The volunteers from FUMCCB are wonderful!  Someone from your church is here everyday and we are so grateful!  Keep the volunteers coming!" ~ Doreen Carlo-Coryell, Roosevelt Elementary School volunteer coordinator

How do I become a volunteer?

As you can imagine, keeping children safe is the number one priority in Brevard County Schools.  All volunteers must be approved through an application process that can be initiated online (Brevard County Schools).  It only takes a couple of weeks to be approved. There are two kinds of volunteer designations that determine the ways you can serve. Cost and information for each type is listed below.  If you want to serve but cannot afford the fee, the church may be able to cover the costs.   

  • Level A volunteer may assist with the supervision of students or a school related activity.  While in contact with students, Level A volunteers must be within line of sight of a District employee. Applies to: In-county field trip chaperones, in-county athletic team chaperones, volunteers assisting with the supervision of small groups of students.
  • Level A PLUS volunteer may directly supervise students or a school related activity. While in contact with students, Level A PLUS volunteers must be under the oversight of a District employee. Applies to: All non-contractual tutors, non-contractual mentors, chaperones for out-of-county field or athletic trips, chaperones for overnight field or athletic trips, field trip drivers, and athletic team drivers.


What kinds of jobs need to be filled?


Currently, the school really needs cafeteria helpers, because this is a daily task.  Volunteers are welcome any time to help in the cafeteria, especially helping the younger students (K-3) open milk cartons and lunch items.  You need not be scheduled to help in this area, but you must have a Volunteer Level A badge.

Throughout the school year help will be needed with fundraisers, book fair, teacher appreciation, and mentoring students (especially males).  Check back in this space to find out what's happ'ning and get involved!